Injection Molder and Molding Machines

Injection molder or injection molding machine is a machine for producing plastic molded parts by molding process. It has 2 main parts, an injection unit and a clamping unit.

An injection molder have 2 methods of fastening the mold -horizontal or vertical. Most injection molder are horizontally oriented because molded parts can easily be removed after ejection by leveraging gravity -the molded parts will just fall down into the container below. Vertical injection molders are used for insert molding applications because inserts are inserted into the core side of the mold before molding.

There are also manual injection molder for hobbyists. It is simple in consruction and does require manual force to inject the resin. An example of such machine is from Galomb, Inc. They make Benchtop injection molder.

Types of injection molding machines

Injection machines are classified mainly by the type of system that drives them: Hydraulic, electric, or hybrid.

Hydraulic injection machines uses ram system for its clamping mechanism. This type of machine is used by majority of molding companies.

Electric injection machines are driven by motors. Unlike the hydraulic machines, which continously pump hydraulics to the cylinder throughout the whole molding cycle, an electric machine only makes use of energy during closing and openning of the clamping unit. It uses toggle system for its clamping mechanism in order to build up tonnage. It is also faster, quieter, and have higher accuracy, but it is also known to be more expensive. The first maker of electric injection machine is Nissei Plastic Industrial Co., LTD.


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